Monday, April 1, 2013

CELEBRATE! One performance only!

Scenes and sonnets performed by cast members: Henry V Prologue, Ray Jenness; As You Like It , Act III, sc. 5, Ken Stoeffler, Jessie Sorrells, Olivia Gale; Richard II, Act III, sc. 2 (monologue) Nick Neyeloff; As You Like It, Act II, Sc. 7, "All the world's a stage ..." Matthew Recine; Hamlet Act III, sc. 1, Hamlet/Ophelia, Jonathan Arnold, Ashlee Holm; The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act IV, sc. 2, "Who is Silvia?" Olivia Gale; Hamlet Act III, sc. 3, Claudius' soliloquy, Joseph Stiliano; The Merchant of Venice Act III, sc. 1, Shylock, Matthew Recine; Richard III, Act I, sc. 1, soliloquy, Nick Neyeloff; Julius Caesar, Act III, sc. 2, Antony's funeral speech, Jessie Sorrells; The Taming of the Shrew, Act II, sc. 1, Kate and Petruchio, Ashlee Holm and Jonathan Arnold; King Lear, Act I sc. 2, Edmund's soliloquy Ken Stoeffler; Much Ado About Nothing, Act II, sc. 1 Benedick's soliloquy Matthew Recine; Twelfth Night, Act V "When that I was and a little tiny boy ...", Olivia Gale.
Sonnets: 29, 35, 66, 116, 130, 135, 140, 141.
At the Shakespeare Celebration, Ray Jenness, president of CAST presents this year's $500 scholarship award to Mia Formichella of Gloucester. The award is for Cape Ann high school seniors pursuing higher education in the performing arts.

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