Friday, December 10, 2010



February 24, 25, 26 @ 8 PM; 27 @ 3 PM

Gorton Theatre
(Home of the Gloucester Stage Company)
267 East Main Street, Gloucester

         The Tempest is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays and also, the most abused by modern directors and producers. Over the last fifty years, this evocative fantasy has often been used in performance as a metaphor for all sorts of political and cultural agendas. Too often, lately, Caliban has been made the focus of the story !! I want to get back to Shakespeare's original intent, which was entertaining an audience.
       With Prospero's magic at the center of things and the use of dance and music to heighten the emotional experience, I'd like audiences to leave the theater feeling transported and uplifted by a wonderful what-if- all-things-are-possible ride.

Ray Jenness, Director

Boatswain - Steve Aiello
Adrian - Beth Bevins
Ferdinand - David Cluett
Ariel - Sarah Fader
Miranda - Mia Formichella
Antonio - Travis Joyce
Alonso - Beebe Nelson
Ship's Master - Duncan Nelson
Sebastian - Marc Nelson
Caliban - Nick Neyeloff
Prospero - Jim Robinson
Gonzalo - Joseph Stiliano
Francisco - Ken Stoeffler
Trinculo - Elinor Teele
Stephano - Steve Turner