Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Next

"The Tragedy of Julius Caesar"
William Shakespeare's political drama of ambition, intrigue, betrayal, assasination and war. Joseph Stiliano directs this twenty-first century look at a story that, unfortunately, remains topical and relevant. Can society learn from its past, or is it doomed to endure the quest for power that tears at the fabric of humanity?
The players are: David Adams, Cassius; Jonathan Arnold, Mark Antony; David Cluett, Brutus; Stephanie Cochran, Decia; Richard Crowell, Flavius, Metellus; Timothy Edwards, Lucius; Ashlee Holm, Portia; Ray Jenness, Cicero, Artemidorous, Lepidus; Ian O'Connor, Marullus, Messala; Craig Owen, Julius Caesar; Dominic Parry, Publius, Pindarus; Timothy Edwards, Octavian; Matthew Recine, Ttinius; Jim Robinson, Trebonius, Lucilius; Jessie Sorrells, Calpurnia, Cinna the Poet; Ken Stoeffler, Casca, Claudius; Pauline Wright, Cinna.
February 27 - March 2 at 8 PM; March 3 at 3 PM
Gorton Theatre (home of the Gloucester Stage Company)
267 East Main Street, Gloucester
Tickets are $15, general admission; $10, students; $5, under 19.
Available at the door 45 minutes before performance time or reserve at .